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Thursday, 19th June 2014
09:00 – 09:15 Registration
09:15 – 10:00 Welcome Mr. Fernando Orejas, Acting rector and Vice-rector of Research Policy at the UPC -Polytechnic University of Catalunya

Mr. Pere Palacín, General Director for Energy, Mines and Industrial Safety – Gobernment of Catalunya

Mr. Manuel Valdés, Deputy Managing Director of Infrastructures and Urban Coordination – City Council of Barcelona

10:00 – 14:00 Plenary SessionJose Etcheverry Ph.D. – Co-Chair of Sustainable Energy Initiative, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Environmental Studies York University, Toronto, Ontario – Canada 

Conference title: 100% Renewable Energy: How do we Get There?

Keith A Nelson- Professor at Massachussetts Institute of Technology, MIT – USA

Conference title: “Maintaining the thermo in thermoelectrics: How the fundamentals of heat transport are still being figured out, and why it matters”

Fabrice Stassin – Managing Director, EMIRI Association (Energy Materials Industry Research Initiative) – Belgium
Conference title: Establishing Industrial Leadership of EU in Advanced Materials for low-carbon energy & energy efficiency technologies

Francisco Javier Alonso Martínez – Responsible of Innovation and Technological Suport, Gas Natural – Spain
Conference title: “Energy innovation for a real world: from science to society

Yuriy Román- Professor at Massachussetts Institute of Technology, MIT – USA
Conference title: “Teaching Catalysts New Tricks: Using Molecular Engineering Tools to Create Next-Generation Catalysts for Biomass Conversion”

14:00 – 15:30 LunchLunch at Hotel Diagonal Zero.

MODERATOR: Josep Escolano, Fundació b_TEC

“FASTPLAN – Optimal location of EV fast charging stations in Barcelona”
Miguel Cruz, Energy Economics and Regulation Research Group Energy Efficiency Systems, Buildings and Communities Area, IREC,

“Advanced concepts and tools for renewable energy supply of IT Data Centres”
Eduard Oró, Investigador doctor, IREC

“Commercial Buildings Operated as Smart Microgrids”
Young Jin Kim, IREC

“Microgrids: Building the future power system”
Eduard Prieto-Araujo, CIT UPC“New Generation of PV systems”
Álvaro Luna, CIT UPC

“On the high performance computing application as a tool for developing next generation systems for wind and solar thermal energy”
Oriol Lehmkuhl,CIT UPC

“Maintenance for energy efficiency”
Daniel Zurita, CIT UPC

15:30 – 17:30 WorkshopsWorkshop I – “Thin film future PV technologies: What beyond 2020? New scenarios for industry-academia interactions” – IREC

Workshop II – “Energy Efficiency in Smart Cities” – City Council of Barcelona, CEEC and IREC

Workshop III – “From Innovation Projects to Business Creation: a look into KIC InnoEnergy” – KIC InnoEnergy

Workshop IV – “How can innovative technologies contribute to the smart energy field?” – CIT UPC


Speakers 2014

Jose Etcheverry
Mr. Jose Etcheverry
Associate Professor, Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University (Canada)


Keith A Nelson
Mr. Keith A Nelson
Professor at Massachussetts Institute of Technology, MIT (USA)
Mr. Yuriy Román

Professor at Massachussetts Institute of Technology, MIT (USA)




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